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How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me?

Prison time, large fines, and felony convictions are serious penalties. If you're facing serious legal problems due to a major crime, it's crucial to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer supporting you. Even if you're smart, representing yourself in a criminal trial can be exceptionally tough. Criminal defense lawyers have special training to discover important details in cases that are often hidden or uncommon. They look for factors and listen for arguments that can reduce a conviction of a potential crime. Their role is to organize and present the facts in a manner that best supports a winning legal theory. Also, during a trial, there are many legal ideas in play that someone without legal expertise might not recognize. It's important because a specific fact could have a big effect on the case. For these reasons (and many more), you need to know how a criminal defense attorney can help you.Abraham Lincoln quote "he who represents himself has a fool for a client"

Benefits of a Criminal Defense Attorney

Knowledge of the Criminal Law System

It is an undeniable fact that criminal defense attorneys are highly skilled professionals in the field of criminal justice. Their expertise is a result of years dedicated to studying and training, allowing them to comprehend every aspect of criminal law and court proceedings. Their primary role is to protect your interests and uncover any shortcomings within the system that could prove advantageous to your case. Additionally, their familiarity with the key figures in the legal system, such as prosecutors and judges, enables them to build a strong defense and secure favorable outcomes for their clients.

In addition to knowing the local rules of the court, there are many “unwritten rules” that are found in each jurisdiction. For example, if certain prosecutors can create and agree to plea bargains, a skilled criminal defense lawyer might help you save time and money by talking to the correct person from the start. There are also many rules and laws buried within regulations and other laws. If you were representing yourself, you likely do not know if the search conducted by the police was lawful or not without understanding the nuances of the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Impeccable Negotiation Skills

Choosing a plea deal to lower your sentence or drop charges might be your smartest move, but when you're representing yourself, prosecutors can sometimes use this to their advantage. The prosecutor knows that going to trial against a “novice” will be much easier than a trial with an expert criminal defense attorney.

Experienced criminal defense lawyers have years of experience working on cases and can come up with unique ideas for sentences that someone without legal knowledge wouldn't even think of. Your criminal defense attorney will have guided you from the start of the case, advising you on the best actions to take to improve your chances during plea negotiations.

Some defendants strongly believe they are innocent and don't want to discuss plea deals. But what they might not realize is that there are legal ways to resolve their case without admitting guilt, all while reducing the risk of being found guilty at trial. These are concepts that defendant’s representing themselves are not trained to know or understand.

Psychological Support

Even though criminal defense attorneys aren't formally trained in psychology, they still provide a lot of emotional support to their clients because of their roles. Going through a criminal case can be like riding an emotional roller coaster, with defendants often feeling embarrassed, down, and having low self-esteem. Having a criminal defense attorney by their side who remains impartial and can offer insights and a different perspective can be really helpful. These reality checks are important, especially when a defendant is trying to decide whether to accept a prosecutor's plea offer or not.

Access to Important Resources

Many cases involve testimony from witnesses in which evidence and statements must be gathered. It's understandable that witnesses might not want to share their statements or information directly with the person involved in the crime. Witnesses are usually more comfortable talking to your lawyer or their investigator about what they're going to say in court, which makes it easier to build a case.

Great criminal defense attorneys also have experience finding and hiring investigators that can investigate the crime and witnesses that the prosecution may call to the stand. If these investigators find evidence that would make a witness’s testimony less credible, this could be a tremendous asset to your case. And they can find or hire “expert witnesses” to combate forensic scientific evidence by the prosecution or show your innocence.

It's not a good idea to represent yourself in court because experienced criminal defense lawyers understand the ins and outs of trials, and these details can decide whether you win or lose. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can increase your chances of winning your case or getting a better plea deal. With Bruno Law, you'll have a highly skilled criminal defense team working tirelessly to defend you from false accusations or unfair sentences and getting you positive results. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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