Read what clients are saying about Bruno Law.

The best criminal defense attorney in Minnesota! I owe you my life. You are awesome and words cannot thank you enough.
- P.K.
Thank you so much for your effective representation of our son and giving him the best chance of recovering his life.
- P. W.
You gave me the opportunity through your legal expertise and friendship to discover my new life.
- C.E.
I am very pleased with the outcome we had in court. May the good Lord repay a thousand fold.
- N.B.
Thank you so much for representing me! You really helped me out and I appreciate it! You really know what you are doing and are very successful at it. I wish you the best in the future.
- C.T.
Thank you for everything you have done for me and I really do appreciate your time and energy working on my behalf. It feels good to completely trust someone and I do consider you a friend.
- S.M.
Thanks for all your help in my criminal matters. I really did appreciate the help. If I need an attorney for any reason I feel I could use your knowledge.
- A.D.
Thank you for representing me. Your integrity, professionalism, and ability to negotiate have proven to be a valuable asset in my case!
- D.P.
You really helped me out by saving my career and livelihood. I will never forget what you have done for me and my family. Carolyn truly cares about the client!
- N.R.
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you've done for our family in a time of great distress. I admire your professionalism , consideration, kindness, and energy.
- L.F.
The first meeting we had you said something about not to worry, you would take good care of my son. At that moment I felt great relief and could feel your sincerity. You more than delivered.
- C.D.
Carolyn works diligently to defend her clients and find solutions to help them personally into the future. Thus, I have no hesitation in recommending her as criminal counsel.
- G.W.
I don't know how you did it but I'm glad you were on my side. I can only hope my daughter grows up to be as kind, intelligent, and independent as you. I will recommend anyone to you who is unfortunate enough to need your services. You did an amazing job and I will always be grateful.
- R.C.
There are simply not enough words to express fully all that we wish to thank you for. We are forever in your debt.
- T.A.
Thank you for always going above and beyond. I am forever grateful you took my case and for everything you have done.
- R.S.
Thank you for fighting for me. You brought happiness to me and my family.
- A.R.
Samantha, thank you for your help getting my life back on track. The world needs more people like you because the justice system is cruel. I am glad I chose your team to represent me.
- T.N.
Fred, because of you I was able to raise my amazing children. I am forever grateful for your "kick-ass" attorney skills.
- N.G.
I would like to express my humble and very sincere thanks to you and the whole team for top notch effort and results!! This has been a very stressful process for me, and my family. Your great skill and care have provided me an opportunity to repair and re-build ...I place very great value on what you all have done for me!!
- B.H.
My Italian stallion, you did very well. They tied one hand behind your back and you still beat them. You have a friend always and a client forever. I will endorse your name always. I'm always a part of the Bruno la famiglia.
- E.H.
Fred, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your team at Bruno law firm for all the care and concern you have shown me, and for working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in my favor. If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been in my favor. Thanks once again for your legal advice, time, and efforts. God bless you sir. Please pass my regards and best wishes to your team.
- A.A.
You were able to preserve my dreams and goals that I have had for so long and were able to do it when any betting man would have said "it will never happen." I know you worked your ass off for this one. In my eyes, I will forever be in debt to you. I truly believe no other lawyer could have done what you accomplished for me.
- M.H.